Monday, June 16, 2014

Arriving to India

After a few complication we finally left Delhi's beautiful airport to the streets of India. I remember preparing myself to smell the worst when I walked out the doors because everyone who I talked to about India they always mentioned how horrible it smells. Now that I look back to that day I laugh because there really is no way to prepare yourself for the smell of India. I do not think you ever adapt to the smell, I think one just accepts the fact that that will be the smell you will be smelling everyday whether you like it or not, there's no way to escape it.

I could not stop looking out my window on the way to Hotel Relax and seeing all the people sleeping on the streets. I remember thinking to myself what did I get myself into and if I am prepared to go through with this adventure. We get to the hotel and first thing I notice is how incredibly hot it was in our room. I remember looking at my roommate Katie and just bursting out in laughter. Katie and I laughed a lot that night because it was better than crying. Thankfully I quickly drifted into sleep and rested up before our first full day in Delhi's 117 degree weather.

We wake up to cows mooing, cars honking, and people talking which I quickly adapted to since its quite the norm here in India. First step of the day was showering. Let me just say showering is a long process since you have to be extra careful to not splash any water in your mouth. Not only was the shower difficult imagine brushing your teeth. Lets just say I managed to get toothpaste on my towel every time and wasted a lot of bottles of water during this process. After the shower comes the sunscreen and bug spray. Two things that saved me from feeling sunburnt and uncomfortably itchy with bites. After this process everyday I was ready to roam the streets of India and embrace their culture all while avoiding stepping on poop or spit and avoid getting ran over by motorcycles, rickshaws, or cows.

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