Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The visit to Rishikesh has been awesome. So far it's been my favorite place that we visited. Yesterday we went to the beetles ashram, which was full of crazy graffiti, and quotes. When we came up to the ashram I was expecting a small building that would fit maybe 10-15 people. However, I was very wrong. That ashram was huge. We walked around it for hours. There were many buildings and little huts all filled with art that people had painted. I wish I could describe in words how awesome it really was. After we finished walking around the ashram we had to jump over a wall and walk through woods to get out because the guards had locked up the site and we were inside still when they left. Next we hiked to this beautiful waterfall that was deep into the woods. It was a small waterfall but it was still very nice. There were many people swimming under the waterfall too. It was a site to see. Later on that night we someone of us were talking to other tourist and they told us about this other great waterfall that was much bigger in size and I think that's what we are going to try and hike to today. 

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