Thursday, June 5, 2014

So Much Fun

If someone asked me to describe Rishikesh in a few words, I would simply reply with “so much fun.” Being here has truly been a blast and I wish we could stay here longer than just three days. Yesterday, our journey through the winding streets alongside the Ganges River led us to several fascinating sites, including the Beatles Ashram and a series of waterfalls in the mountains. Although walking around in the blazing heat became tiresome, it all felt gratifying when we reached the Beatles Ashram. For me, it felt unbelievable that I was standing on the same property where the Beatles had written some of their best music. Later that day, our hike up the mountains led to cooler temperatures and even the opportunity to finally touch clean water (as opposed to the dirty water in Varanasi) flowing from the mountains into the Ganges River.

Today, we went rafting in the same water. This was the best (and only) rafting experience I have ever had! Better yet, this was undoubtedly the most entertaining thing I have done thus far on this trip! I'm even proud to say that I faced my fear of water and jumped in the river. It felt refreshing to escape the torrid heat by floating in the seemingly freezing cold water. While traversing the ups and downs of several areas of rapids in the river, I couldn't help but relate the situation to our entire trip. I've experienced several high points, such as adventuring and sightseeing. I've also encountered low points, including dehydration and sickness. I'm sure my classmates can attest to this as well.

Overall, I have enjoyed my time in India and feel grateful to have been able to experience this melting pot of religion and culture. So far, rafting in the Ganges has undoubtedly been the highlight of my trip. But maybe this will change once we arrive in Dharamsala...

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  1. I hope you are all enjoying this experience to the fullest! Your memories will travel with you for a lifetime :) I look forward to reading the posts on here and keeping up with the remaining entries.