Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Left a Few Fears in India

      People at home that knew me before this trip would probably never believe that I survived India. I was the girl that hardly went outside because of a strong disdain for bugs. The same girl that collects shells at the beach since she never quite learned to swim. Not to mention the girl that cried on the way up the Kitty Hawk Sand Dunes because she was petrified of heights. To sum it all up I am afraid of just about everything and it is no secret.India decided to place every one of those fears in my way and forced me to simply get over it.        
     There were bugs galore among other critters crawling everywhere. I had to accept them because thanks to the Jains (a religious group completely against violence even in regard to the smallest of creatures) my conscience would not allow me to squash them as usual. You know when in as the saints do. One night Zoe and I even had a small vistor in our bed. A lizard. We were sure this little guy was harmless but he still was not welcome to roam the bed while we slept. Zoe was so inspired by the saint she used her book to escort our friend outside. I still  am not a fan of bugs but thanks to mother India I can contain my shrieks when they come my way. I can't swim so my initail reaction to rafting was not the same as my classmates except for Charon. I did not think it was possible but Charon had me beat with her fear of water. Everyone tried to reassure us that the life jacket would protect us and there was no need to worry. It was enough to get me on the raft but not enough to stop my legs from trembling and my heartbeat from amplifying as we prepared to leave the shore. Sure enough we were safe and Charon and I both made it in the water BY CHOICE. Not only did I conquer a fear but I had an amazing time doing it. I don't think I could have forgiven myself if had I missed that opportunity it was well worth the panic. Of all of my fears heights is the biggest and baddest. I don't know why but it has always been that way. One may wonder why in the world I would chose to go to India knowing a portion of the trip would be in the Himalayas aka high in the air! My answer is simple, I was tired of being a wimp. So I went. The mountains were tolerable and honestly most of the time I was oblivious to just how high we were. The most challenging day for me was probably the day we traveled to the waterfall because I did not see a clear path, just unsteady rocks. I won't lie I whined on the way up but nevertheless I made it and I even got in the water. It was refreshing and in that moment I felt free. I'm not sure if I am quite ready for Mt. Everest or anything but I certainly think I left a few fears in India.

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