Monday, June 9, 2014

Today we visited a slum. Visiting the slum really put some things into perspective for me. We take a lot of stuff for granted. For many of us it’s hard to imagine, a life without drinkable water, living in tents that are at least 20 degrees hotter than the temperature outside, and not having food to eat. But many of the people we saw today are living in conditions like this. They live in tents made out of bent bamboo, covered with black tarp. None of the homes have running water, and it wasn’t until very recently that they got access to water. Because of recent donations and contributions, a local charity was able to provide the slum with a well. The charity also provided the slum with a medical tent and trained some people in tending to basic wounds. What was really amazing to see in the slum, was that everyone was so happy. All the kids were enjoying our company and were oblivious to how poor their living conditions were. It was also cool to see the kids learning how to read and write. I really hope that conditions for these kids get better even though they are not sad at all.

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