Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The next step...

Being in India I realized how much power I had over someone’s livelihood. I recall many times where I would bargain and end up buying clothing and beautiful sculptures for less than three US dollars. But now that I'm home, I wonder if after these shopping trips had I even helped the seller in any type of way. Had I just provided rent for the month or dinner for the week? Had I really done anything? At times I felt like I was doing a great civil service by giving my money towards the goods that were being sold, but now I am doubting myself. I think that’s how I feel about all situations when it comes to serving the world and making a difference. Does what I do even matter? I became a social work student so that I could make a difference in the world, but after studying for three years now all I wonder is if I made the right decision. It seems to me that the number one thing that is needed for change is money. Should I have become a business major or a political science major? After a lot of assessment and thinking back I think that my questions and doubts were answered when visiting the Tong Len hostel. The key to successful change is educating the children. Children want nothing more than to have their dreams come true. It frightens me that children are taught as they get older that they need to get rid of their dreams. I plan to let children know, where ever I go, that they can reach their dreams. I plan to tell them that education is very important and once they understand the importance they will know what needs to be changed. My actions do matter, and even if it is something small I can only hope that the people I help pay it forward and create a chain reaction.

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